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The Fastest Way To Gain Respect And Admiration

E. P. Ned Burke, editor and publisher, says:

E. P.NedBurkein1973

"I've been publishing magazines since 1973 and I was shocked when I discovered how easy it is today to launch a magazine compared to the way I did it back then!"

And you know what else I discovered? 

The benefits and perks of being an online magazine publisher are the same as those of a traditional magazine publisher.

* You will be the pride of your family

* You will be the envy of your friends and neighbors

* You will be respected and admired by total strangers

* You will be considered an expert in your chosen field

* You will acquire the fame and financial reward you always dreamed about

* You will be part of a proud profession with a long history

* And if you want to add a glossy printed edition (like I did) you can do that too!

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Hello, future magazine publisher:

My name is E. P. Ned Burke, and for more than three decades I labored in the traditional publishing world and eked out a living publishing traditional magazines.

I loved what I was doing, but I spent countless hours cutting corners to make ends meet. Printing costs kept going up and my battles with the postal service never seemed to end. 

As I reached retirement age, I was glad the end was in sight.    OnlineMagazinePublisher1B

But I knew I would miss the satisfaction and prestige that went with the job.  

Being a magazine publisher meant I was somebody to be admired, an expert in my field.

Finally, however, I closed the doors to my business and tried to enjoy my early retirement.

I played golf religiously. But it did not inspire me as my magazines had done.

I wanted to get back in the game: the game of publishing. But at my age?

Then I discovered the Internet!

What an awakening to learn that others (with little or no publishing experience) were making huge sums of money with online magazines.

At first, I was confused by the technical jargon. But then I realized the process was no different from what I had done before. Except for one BIG difference …


I mean nothing … nada … zip. 

You simply buy a cheap domain name, sign up to a web site provider, and get an e-mail program.

That's it!

Like me, you won't believe it. 

* No printing bills

* No postal service to fight with

* No payroll to meet

* No production costs

* No delivery problems

* And you can even choose your advertisers; that is, if you want or need them.


In my case, I felt as if I were 28 again and putting out my first magazine! 

Of course, I read and studied everything about online magazine publishing before I launched my own online magazines. But it was incredibly easy after that. A domain name, a web site, and an e-mail auto-responder was all I needed to get started. 

Now, I'm no computer guru by any means. So, if I can do it, you can too.

There is a process to follow, of course. And that's what you'll find in my e-book, "How To Be An Online Magazine Publisher." Every shortcut I learned along the way is in this book.

You'll get tons of insider secrets in a quick and easy step-by-step instructional journey in this comprehensive 68-page book.

In addition, I have included countless links to informative sites where you can find even more information. Believe me, my online magazine publishing learning curve would have been much shorter if I had this book when I started out on my odyssey.

Listen, I want to help you achieve your goal of becoming a respected online magazine publisher.

But you need to take the first step.

Buy this updated e-book. Read it. Study it, more than once. Then launch your own online magazine. 

From experience, I know you only regret those things in life you did not do.

So don't let your dream of being a respected magazine publisher fade away.

Take action right now! And you will reap the rewards tomorrow.


Okay, let's look at a few things you'll learn in my book:

* Content: Where to get it, if you don't want to write it yourself

* Advertising: How to grab tons of advertising for your magazine

* Subscribers: The fast and easy way to build your subscription list

* Promotion: The inside scoop on press releases and more

* Resources: Pages of killer links for what you need and where to get it

* Plus many more insider magazine publisher secrets exposed!

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